The Red Flame for Freedom has begun the walk to end Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. Each city will feature a Q&A session and presentation with Activists, Faith Leaders, and Officials from multiple backgrounds with so much to give. Each weekend will be filled with Events that Educate, Inspire, and Invigorate others to fight Modern Slavery.

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On April 22, 2016, the World Peace Walkers and Partners in The Red Flame for Freedom movement have taken to the streets in communities throughout the United States to raise awareness about the proliferation of modern day slavery experienced through sex trafficking, human trafficking, mass incarceration, and children in poverty. Modern day slavery is not simply a foreign issue, it is also an American issue and may be closer than you think.

Human trafficking takes many forms. Click below to learn more.

Sex Slavery

Sex Slavery is a Major Problem in the U.S.A, and yes even in your state.

Mass Incarceration

Millions of Americans are Imprisoned for Non-Violent crimes.


Poverty leads to Slavery in America, especially for Children.

Domestic Slavery

All across America, people are forced to work in homes. Even next door.

When Hearts Shatter

I was working on my computer late on the evening of June 11th. I was in Phoenix, AZ, one of the cities on our schedule with The Red Flame for Freedom Movement to End Modern Day Slavery. I was looking for connections in different cities to grassroots groups that we... read more

My name is Audri Scott Williams  together with Karen Hunter Watson , my mother (now deceased) Mama Natalie, Tony Shina, Chandelle C. Binns, Baba Ojiji, Mary Woods, David Defebo and many others have walked for peace and justice since the year 2000. I have seen many changes since those early years when we set out to change the world AND the many ways in which change is yet to be realized.  My heart breaks every time I witness the growing numbers of women, men, and children who are entrapped in modern day slavery – sex trafficking, human trafficking, mass incarceration and children in poverty.

After the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk   took us to six continents and 23 countries; after the 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace   took us across America and back; and after numerous walks in communities for peace, for the environment, for community empowerment, and for our children–we now come face to face with modern day slavery and it’s horrific impact on families and communities across this country and the world.

Now, we, Karen Hunter Watson, Tannur “Shewrightz” Ali and her three children, and I are inspired to set out across America once again. This time we are determined to raise awareness of, and create solutions for, ending modern day slavery in our country.
We need your financial support to assist us with transportation and documentation of our journey — The Red Flame for Freedom.
Our six month journey has begun. It is our goal raise at least $24,000. A portion of these funds will be used to assist with transportation of our team of eight, community based projrects, and a part of the production costs of a documentary that will help us to get our message out to the world.

Imagine an unstoppable team: two “Grandmothers”; one single Mother and her three Children; and two additional members (not yet identified). Then imagine them walking, organizing, engaging youth and adults in arts for social change, and creating opportunities for collaboration and coalition building to end modern day slavery!


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